Discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia, 40% of Lucy’s 3,2 M years old skeleton was acknowledged as a fossilised hominid of the Australopithecus afarensis species.

Then, one claimed she died at the age of 25, that she was able to stand up and walk as well as climbing on trees… and eventually that she might be a man!

Reinventing human beings or things from a small number of fragments happens to be an exciting game, occasionally very serious but eventually speculative and funny, at least for me.

Such fragments can be found everywhere in abundance since our consumer society excels at getting rid of lots of broken or gone out things: metal or wood fragments for which picturing what they come from is sometimes difficult.

It is like restoring a Gallo-Roman gloss terra sigillata ware from scarce red shards of clay or a Velociraptor from one skull or few other remains.

In this approach, the shape and the use of restored objects as well as the Velociraptor biology are open to speculation and eventually, leave my work to the spectator’s appreciation.

Even though I cannot refrain myself from deciding a priori.

Archaeo-logic, 2004, iron and acrylic on wood