Below is a first selection of projects “that have to be done one of these days“.
Or not!

But whether they will be done or not, I like these ideas and in particular those which are either utopic or impossible to transform into tangible work!


Folding into a square and diagonals
Folded A4 with diagonals_Export 1
Folded into a square and diagonals, ~1983
Realized in different ISO 216 formats and media: paper, tracing paper, Japanese paper, canvas
Beyond the symbolic use of color
in Ancient Egyptian art
Egypt Colors
 4 Ancient Egyptian colors. Select 4 out of the 6 Ancient Egyptian colors and use them in a painting or a drawing in a manner that will clear their symbolic meaning.
Inverted Triangulus
Inverted Triangulus [Triangle inversé]. I made some works with triangles but did not succeed yet to have one with an inverted triangle (except for an ephemeral installation with a virtual right-angle triangle): to be considered again!
Des hommes et des mouches
Man vs Fly_Export_1
Des hommes et des mouches, Year?, 2 different results of Charles Darwin’s theory of the Origin of Species (or more completely), On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life