Tribute to Money

Monet, Claude Monet, French artist, (Paris 1840 – Giverny 1926), one of the founders of Impressionism

Making a banknote is firstly a matter of paper. It mustn’t be any kind of paper other than cotton, mixed with a sprinkle of different fibres and splashed under watermarks, threads, plastic windows, metallic elements, laser prints and holograms in order to make the counterfeiters business a real smart one!

Upon obtaining a such paper, print on it a famous man or woman, preferably some having saved Humanity from misery or some other problem. Philosophers, artists or dictators usually get the job done.

Then add the value of the banknote, a few signatures and a legal statement warning that you’ll be sued, jailed and perhaps have your arm cut off if you were to reproduce or use fake notes.

You must understand, banknotes aren’t just a means of payment; they also act as « political and visiting cards » for their countries and happen to be a combination of high-tech products along with art: I’m thrilled to examine them with a magnifier, to find and extract those tiny hidden gems which are reminiscences of Impressionism, Constructivism, Minimalism, Arte Povera and many more.

Just like a counterfeiter!

Hommage à Money, 1992, oil on wood
Hommage à Money, 1992, oil on wood
Hommage à Money, 1992, oil on wood